FINC Comedy Festival

International Festival of Nouveau Clown, 2nd edition

Taormina, December 1 – 10, 2023


The FINC FESTIVAL aims to create and engage a new audience, introducing them to the world of contemporary circus and the central figure of the “New Clown,” from which the “International Festival of the Nouveau Clown” takes its name.
The goal is to cultivate an interest in beautiful, international comedy that transcends language barriers with the universal language of gestures and intentions, reaching everyone indiscriminately.

Comic art allows younger generations to understand different artistic languages and develop a strong critical sense, encouraging them to take risks without the fear of making mistakes, and accepting their failures. The clown embodies this way of life and acts as a teacher. The objective is to involve renowned professional comedians and clowns, both in Italy and abroad, in creating a comedic show that appeals to all generations of spectators.

The 2023 edition also focuses on the role of the female clown in live performance. Women also have a place in the world of clowning, although they are often thought to play supporting roles. With the presence of international figures like Nola Rae and Hilary Chaplain, FINC aims to close the gap and challenge this perception.

Another goal is to combat gender disparity, especially in the field of entertainment and clowning. This is particularly significant in a region that still has much progress to make in terms of women’s emancipation.

Clown Therapy is also a key theme we will address in the second edition of the International Festival of the Nouveau Clown. Some techniques borrowed from circus and street theater and are used to transform hospital wards or rooms into magical environments. Laughter serves to alleviate suffering and stimulate dialogue, turning the clown into a healer. The Clown Doctor establishes a human relationship of trust and intimacy, momentarily easing the challenges of hospital life.



All events take place at the Taormina Congress Hall


Friday 1st December @8.3pm – OPEN GALA, free entrance
Nola Rae – from Engand

Saturday 2nd December @5.30pm
Hugo Mirò – from Spain

Saturday 2nd December @8.30pm
The Umbilical Brothers with Shane Dundas and David Collins – from Australia

– Sunday 3rd December @5.30pm
The Clown Angels with Silvia Borello, Giorgia Dell’Uomo and Giulia Rabozzi – from Italy

– Sunday 3rd December @8.30pm
Theatre Degart with Dandy Danno and Diva G – from Italy

– Thursday 7th December @5.30pm
Benoit Turiman – from France

– Thursday 7th December @8.30pm
Double Take Cinematic Circus with SummerHubbard and Raphael Herault – from Belgium

– Friday 8th December @5.30
Nicola Virdis – from Italy

– Friday 8th December @8.30
Hilary Chaplain – from USA

Saturday 9th December @5.30pm
Paula Malik – from Colombia

Saturday 9th December @8.30pm
Theatre Degart with Dandy Danno and Diva G – from Italy

Sunday 10th December @4.00pm
Paula Malik – from Colombia

Sunday 10th December @7.00pm
Enrico Ferretti and Gerardo Mele – from Switzerland and Italy



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Reduced tickets for Under 18 and Over 65

Ticket Office
– before December 1st:
– from December 1st to 10th: Taormina Congress Hotel – 10:00am – 12:00 and 4.00pm – 8.00pm (except on December 4th)

Reservations: email to Please specify: show title, number of adults, number of children






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