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Danny Danno e Diva G.

Un’improbabile Storia D’Amore

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala  B – December 9, 2023 @ 8.30pm


Title: Un’improbabile Storia D’Amore
Genre: Visual Comedy – Clown
Audience: suitable for everyone
Duration: 70 mins.

When a cabaret star, incredibly elegant and refined, crosses paths with a sweet but clumsy individual, everything becomes possible.
It’s the beginning of a love story that defies all conventions, between him, awkward, and her, irresistibly self-assured. This tale catapults us into a whirlwind of emotions: from conquest to excitement, from despair to the purest joy.
Gestures speak louder than words, revealing the universal magic of falling in love. Gestures and music are the true protagonists of this show that has toured the world, garnering numerous awards and audience acclaim.

Dandy Danno & Diva G are a comedic duo primarily visual. They share the common goal of introducing the audience to the authentic pleasure of laughter. Silence, the absence of limits and barriers thanks to the universality of body language, draws the audience into constant interaction.

Laughter ensues, allowing oneself to be swept away and actively participating in the performance, which becomes a surreal “bubble” capable of encapsulating, with great purity, actors and spectators.

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