F I N C   C o m e d y   F e s t i v a l  2 0 2 3


Taormina Congress Hall, Halla A – Friday 1st December @ 8.30pm




A magic Gala Evening to get to know some of the main actors of the second edition of the FINC FESTIVAL.

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Special Guest: the Australian Nola Rea in Performance

Nola Rae

Genre: Mimo – Teatro Fisico
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 10-15 mins.


Nola Rae, born in Sydney in 1943, moved to London in 1963. Trained at the Royal Ballet School, she danced at the Malmö Stadsteater and the Tivoli Pantomime Theatre in Copenhagen. Later, she studied mime with Marcel Marceau in Paris.

She was the founder of the company Kiss and co-founded the Friends Roadshow with Jango Edwards. She was also a member of the Bristol Old Vic Company. In 1974, she founded the London Mime Theatre with Matthew Ridout. She debuted as a solo performer in 1975 and has toured in 68 countries.

Her early shows were sketches with mime, dance, clowning, and puppetry. In 1990, she began presenting full-length comedies. Her current repertoire includes shows like “Elizabeth’s Last Stand” and “Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits”. She has worked in duos with Sally Owen and Lasse Akerlund.

As a writer and director, she transforms tragedies into comedies. She collaborated with tenor Rolando Villazón in various productions.

She is a renowned teacher of mime and clowning and co-founded the London International Mime Festival. She has received several awards, including the Charlie Rivel Medal and the M.B.E. honor.

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The event is free



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