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Hugo Mirò

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala B – December 2, 2023 @ 5.30pm


Title: “HUGO”
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 50 mins.


Distracted? Curious?
HUGO is a unique character who discovers the stage as a place to play with the audience, his accomplice, his challenge, the essence. He is an eccentric acrobat, Restless and mischievous comedian, original, daring, and passionate. Needs a constant connection with the audience; to play and give everything in return for… An unexpected gesture? A slight smile?

With careful training in gesture and mime, years of physical and acrobatic preparation, HUGO is an exhaustive work on object play, manipulation. This character invites us to play, to build a time of adventures, imaginary moments, and improbable situations… Suggesting a touch of nostalgia, very close to that of silent films it will transport us to a universe filled with paper airplanes, hats, newspapers, acrobatics, suitcases, grimaces, magic, confetti, laughter, creating a surreal and absurd play space, where everything is possible.

HE wants to play… DO YOU?

All of this arises from the mind and work of Hugo Miró, an artist from Guadalajara, Spain.

Hugo began his journey in the circus world through self-taught means, but along his path, he took various courses in different disciplines, although Hugo always had more curiosity for the world of comedy, and of course, for the clown, this led him to follow a path and focus more on a personal quest. He has worked, shared, and learned from different “masters” such as Leandre Ribera, Churry Silva, Vasily Protsenko… Throughout his journey, he has worked on different projects and with different companies, some of which are well-known, like Ale-Hop company or Jorge Blass, (with whom he worked at the Teatro Circo Price and at the Gala Premios Goya…).

He has worked as Headline Comic/Clown in some circuses such as:
Cirque Imagine (France 2019 & 2021),
Hippodrome Circus Great Yarmouth (UK 2017 & 2018), Circo Sendaviva (Spain 2014 – 2016).
Or at festivals like: 4th and 5th Mondoclowns Festival (France 2019, 2020), Mondoclowns Festival at Chateau du Duras (France 2019)…

And with his solo show, he has participated in various festivals around the world, some of which are renowned.

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Adults: € 12,00
Under 18 and Over 65: € 8,00



Hugo Mirò > www.hugomiro.com

FINF Festival > fincfestival.com/ – info@fincfestival.com, T.  0039 333 6571 686



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