F I N C   C o m e d y   F e s t i v a l  2 0 2 3


Hilary Chaplain

in “A life in her day”

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala  B – December 8, 2023 @ 8.30pm


Title: A Life in Her Day
Genre: Physical Comedy, puppetry
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 60 mins.

Unconventional and extraordinarily entertaining, this award-winning ” A day in the life” is a wonderful blend of physical comedy, clowning, and serious theatre.

What happens when our heroine discovers an “engagement” ring in the cereal box? A one-hour show where a lone woman and a few objects come together in a delightful and wonderful blend of physical comedy and clever humor,” as our heroine contends with a “pretend family” made up of everyday household objects.

The show exhibits moments of profound subtlety, brimming with humanity and humor.

“A Life in Her Day” is an impeccable display of originality and virtuosity in physical comedy, a beautifully constructed and delivered piece of work that is truly international and intercultural.

Directed by Avner Eisenberg, the Guest Star of the first edition of the Finc Festival in Taormina 2022.


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Adults: € 12,00
Under 18 and Over 65: € 8,00



Hilary Chaplain > https://hilarychaplain.com/

FINC Festival > https://fincfestival.com



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