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The Umbilical Brothers

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala B – December 2, 2023 @ 8.30pm


Title: “HUGO”
Genre: Comicità fisica e visuale, mimo ed effetti sonori
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 60 mins.


The Umbilical Brothers, an Australian comedy duo composed of Shane Dundas and David Collins, met in 1988 at the University of Western Sydney. Despite an initial incident that saw Shane break his nose, they managed to reconcile and develop unique comedic sketches.

Their performances combine mime, dialogue, and vocal sound effects, incorporating puppetry, burlesque, and audience engagement with minimal use of props and lighting.

They have graced prestigious stages such as the Late Show with David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as performing at international comedy festivals. Their shows have been praised by critics and have garnered a wide fan base of all ages.

Awards received include two BAFTAs and an EMMY, a testament to their talent and success in the entertainment industry.

Their performances are a captivating blend of physical comedy, vocal sound effects, and verbal interaction that defy theatrical norms, resulting in a comedic triumph. With over a million monthly online views, their charm continues to captivate audiences of all generations.


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