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Benoit Turiman

in Le Voisin

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala  B – December 7, 2023 @ 5.30pm


Title: Le Voisin (The Neighbour)
Genre: Mimo
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 60mins

“Benoît Turjman, an actor and mime trained at the International School of Marcel Marceau, takes the audience on a journey through the comical life of his eccentric character in the show ‘The Neighbor”. Without speaking or using vocal effects, he surprises viewers with every moment of the Neighbor’s life and mishaps. The refined soundtrack and variety of set designs give the audience the feeling of watching a movie on the big screen.

“I wanted to depict everyday life, to show the social conventions that guide and sometimes limit how we relate to each other. To show what can exclude us and what brings us together. And I wanted all of this to be told from the perspective of a very ordinary person. Someone who could be our next-door neighbor.

He’s a middle-class bachelor, living modestly. He grapples with everyday life, aspiring to that perfect life depicted in glossy magazines and TV shows. He’s a man without qualities, inept, incompetent, made selfish by fear, but at the same time, naive, curious about everything, and genuinely positive. And he’s about to experience a great love story, the kind we only see in the movies.

The French author and award-winning screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière said, ‘Man finds in myths the tools to forge social bonds, to understand and strengthen the rules of coexistence. Imagination is the cement of a civilization.’ How many stories do we need to grow as individuals?

I wanted to bring many artistic universes that fascinate me to the stage. The universes of great artists like Michel Courtemanche and Rowan Atkinson, Harold Lloyd, and Marcel Marceau. I wanted the audience to open a comic book and attend a musical at the same time.

I wanted the viewer to see all these wonderful universes.

All of this… and somehow also the story of my life!”


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Adults: € 12,00
Under 18 and Over 65: € 8,00



Benoit Turiman > www.benoitturjman.com

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