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Double Take Cinematic Circus

in Jump Cut

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala  B – December 7, 2023 @ 8.30pm


Title: Jump Cut
Genre: Contemporary circus
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 50 mins.


Founded in 2016 by two acrobats and filmmakers, Summer Hubbard and Raphaël Herault, Double Take – Cinematic Circus is a circus and filmmaking company guided by the exploration and blending of circus and cinema (both on the stage and on the screen).

Combining techniques of both circus and cinema, “Jump Cut” is an acrobatic show built around a story which is the true heart of the performance. Inspired by real events, “Jump Cut” takes you on a journey through time and space, offering a surreal and acrobatic perspective on how Summer and Raphael, as a couple, navigate this life together.

In their living room, which appears to have come straight out of a dream, there is a massive sofa-trampoline, an oversized lamp, and a miniature electric train. It’s a playground full of life, unexpected twists and turns where every moment of life is poetically celebrated, from the most simple to the most tragic.

While giving prominence to visuals and imagery, “Jump Cut” blends various circus techniques which includes: trampoline, partner acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, and floor acrobatics.

Through a unique use of imagery and symbolism combined with innovative set design, the couple have developed a distinctive language that is uniquely theirs, enabling them to tell a story through movement capable of transcending generations.

Intentionally designed to offer various layers of interpretation, “Jump Cut” can be appreciated internationally by audiences of all ages and imaginations.

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Adults: € 12,00
Under 18 and Over 65: € 8,00



Double Take Cinematic Circus > www.doubletakecinematiccircus.com

FINC Festival > https://fincfestival.com



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