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Nastri D’Argento Awards


“La Stranezza”

Ancient Theatre, Saturday 1st July 2023 @9.00pm


For decades, the Nastri d’Argento has celebrated the rich tapestry of Italian cinema, shining a spotlight on the remarkable talents that have made their mark on the silver screen. Initiated in 1946, the Nastri d’Argento is the oldest Italian film award and beyond the glamour and accolades, is a testament to the enduring spirit of Italian cinema. It’s a reminder of the influence, the legacy, and the profound impact of Italian filmmakers on the global stage. From Federico Fellini’s surreal dreamscape to Roberto Benigni’s boundless charisma, the Nastri D’argento pays tribute to the trailblazers who have pushed boundaries, challenged conventions, and inspired generations of filmmakers worldwide. On the occasion of the Nastri d’Argento 2023, the “Nastro dell’Anno” award will be awarded to the cast of “La Stranezza” and the film will then be screened.


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Platea (parterre): € 30,00
Gallery: € 20,00
Upper Circle (non numbered seats): 10,00




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