F I N C   C o m e d y   F e s t i v a l  2 0 2 3


Gerardo Mele & Enrico Ferretti

in “Dal Big Ben al Paula Malik
in “La Band’Animal”

Taormina Congress Hall, Sala  B – December 10, 2023 @ 4.00pm

Genre: Noveau Clown
Audience: Suitable for everyone
Duration: 70 mins.


This show brings to light the codes of a theatricality in which the actor’s body takes center stage and is inspired by the theatrical pedagogy of Pierre Byland.

A renowned scholar was invited to Taormina to present his innovative research in the field of anthropology.

However, a last-minute unexpected event prevents him from attending. His two assistants – responsible for transportation, translation, and the captivating illustrations of Volumes 1 and 2 of the “Great Notebook of Human History” – find themselves thrust into the challenging role of substitutes.

Flattered by the task, they eagerly dive into the delicate mission of organizing a well-structured and coherent presentation.

Despite their continuous references to the “Great Notebook,” their serious difficulty in accurately placing facts and events in the timeline leads them into absurd, improbable, and tragicomic situations.

The two protagonists, in order to better understand the theories developed by the professor, push their comprehension skills to the extreme. The link (simultaneously scientific and comical) with anthropology allows them to observe and dissect human nature, with its strengths and vulnerabilities, stupidity and wonder, imagination and madness, humor and tragedy.

One of the originalities of the show lies in the gestural ambivalence between the animated and the inanimate, between life and death.

Co-production: International FINC Festival of Taormina (Italy), Clown Sensible Association (Italy), Tiziana Arnaboldi Company (Switzerland), San Materno Theater (Switzerland).

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