Taormina, previous Church of San Francesco di Paola

 November 6-29 2011


Ut pictura poesis is Latin, literally “As is painting so is poetry.”

Poetry resembles painting. Some works will captivate you when you stand very close to them and others if you are at a greater distance. This one prefers a darker vantage point, that one wants to be seen in the light since it feels no terror before the penetrating judgment of the critic. This pleases only once, that will give pleasure even if we go back to it ten times over. (from en.wikiedia)

Exhibition of paintings by Michele D’Avenia and poetry by the great Salvatore Quasimodo. “Dionysos” association.


Within the “Omaggio a Taormina”, a series of events organised by the Association “Arte & Cultura a Taormina”.