Cathedral of Taormina

November 5th 2011, 6.30pm

Taormina Plectrum Orchestra in concert.


Within the “Omaggio a Taormina”, a series of events organised by the Association “Arte & Cultura a Taormina”.


The fortress cathedral, which is what Taormina’s main cathedral is considered, was built around the year 1400 on the ruins of a small mediaeval church. The cathedral has a Latin-cross plan with three aisles; there are six minor altars in the two side aisles. The nave is held up by six monolithic columns, three on each side, in pink Taormina marble and their capitals have a foil and fish-scale decoration. The ceiling of the nave has wooden beams supported by carved corbels reproducing Arabian scenes with a Gothic air. The very interesting main portal was rebuilt in 1636 and has a large Renaissance-inspired rosette sculpted on it.