Taormina Book Festival

9th edition

The Desire

Taormina, 21/25 June 2019


The fascinations of literature combined with the beauty of a unique place in the world. It is the perfect combination of Taobuk, an international literary festival which brings together the tradition of Taormina as cosmopolitan capital of literature and arts, refuge for eccentric and excellent personalities such as Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Picasso, Richard Strauss.

The Festival is conceived and directed by Antonella Ferrara.

Every year Taobuk chooses a theme around which the calendar of meetings takes shape with the help of authoritative writers, thinkers and artists, in a tight flow of ideas and novelties.

At the core of the festival there is literature seen through the point of view of international writers. Taobuk’s program, however, is also embellished with exhibitions, theatrical performances, dance pieces and film retrospectives shown in evocative locations: first and foremost the Ancient Theatre, along with the city’s palaces and major hotels.


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Tutto questo è Taobuk!

Le fascinazioni della #letteratura unite alla bellezza di un luogo unico al mondo. È l’equazione perfetta di Taobuk, Festival letterario internazionale, che raccoglie la tradizione di #Taormina quale capitale cosmopolita della letteratura, e delle arti in genere, rifugio di personalità eccentriche ed eccellenti📙

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