Ludovico Einaudi – In a Time Lapse Tour

Taormina Greek Theatre

July 20 2013, 9.30pm


Ludovico Einaudi started his career as a classical composer and soon began incorporating other styles and genres, including pop, rock, world music, and folk music. The brilliant composer will be on the stage accompanied by a small orchestra which includes strings, percussion instruments and electronic instruments.

Ludoviso Einaudi has received the OMRI (Order of Merit of the Italian Republic), the senior order of Knighthood bestowed by the Italian Republic.

ABOUT In Time Lapse
“It is only when we become aware that our time is limited that we can channel our energy into truly living” Ludovico Einaudi

In A Time Lapse is the representation of the bringing together all of life’s experience and emotions into a single moment of time. Recorded in a remote monastery near Verona and written over a period of 2 years it is as Epic and emotional as Divenire and as experimental and adventurous as Nightbook.

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Ticket Office in Taormina: +39 0942.628730
Stalls and Gallery: € 35,00
Upper circle (non-numbered seats): € 24,00