“Le Macchine di Leonardo”

Exhibition of the Leonardo da Vinci’s machines

previous Church of San Francesco – Badia Vecchia Museum

July 20th – October 31st 2013
Ticket:  € 8,00 –  (resident population: € 5,00)

“Le Macchine di Leonardo”, the world’s biggest (PRIVATE) collection of Leonardo da Vinci machines is born following the juvenile passion of Carlo (born on 25th February 1936), the founder of the Niccolai family and company.
Particularly skilled craftsmen, the members of the Niccolai family have so far developed 150 different models, based on the Da Vinci codes and on historical documents using the materials of Leonardo’s time: wood, metal, ropes and fabrics.
According to the unwritten rules of Florentine craftsmen, Carlo Niccolai has passed on his passion to his sons and grandsons, who, thanks to their knowledge of new technologies have enriched the collection with new models and organised more than a hundred exhibitions all over the world in the last ten years.

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