The Four Seasons

Music by Antonio Vivaldi

Opera Ballet Company

Choreography by Aurelie Mounier

Ancient Theatre, Tuesday 23rd August 2022 @ 9.30 pm


Choreography: Aurelie Mounier
Artistic direction: Rosanna Brocanello
Artistic consultancy: Laura Pulin
Dancers: Aura Calarco, Emiliano Candiago, Sofia Galvan, Stefania Menestrina, Gaia Mondini, Giulia Orlando, Riccardo Papa, Frederic Zoungla
Ma’ìtre de ballet: Christophe Ferrari
Costumes: Beatrice Laurora, Isabella Fumagalli, Maia Sikharulidze
Technical direction: Laura De Bernardis
Management: Federico Grilli
Organization: Margherita Fantoni

A COB (Compagnia Opus Ballet) production


The Four Seasons tells the idea of Antonio Vivaldi, the great Venetian composer: the relationship between man, society and the changing of the seasons. The search for a balance with Nature. Mankind must protect Nature. Nature is us, respecting it means respecting ourselves, the generations to come and the future of our planet.


TICKETS on and
Stalls (Parterre): €50,00 (Under 25 and Over 60 € 20.00)
Gallery: €50,00 (Under 25 and Over 60 € 20.00)
Upper circle (numbered seats): € 20,00 (Under 25 and Over 60 € 15.00)
Upper circle (non-numbered seats): € 15,00 (Under 25 and Over 60 € 10.00)






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