a play by Spiro Scimone

Taormina Congress Hall,  August 25th 2022 @ 9.30 pm

(the play is in Italian)


The scene is a surreal cemetery. On stage two couples: the old man and the old woman, the commander and the fireman. Four figures that have no name and who move among the graves. Time is suspended, perhaps, they are living the last day of their lives.




Direction:  Francesco Sframeli

with Spiro Scimone, Francesco Sframeli, Gianluca Cesale, Giulia Weber
Scenes: Lino Fiorito, Nino Zuccaro
Lights: Beatrice Ficalbi
Assistant Director: Roberto Bonaventura
Technical Director: Santo Pinizzotto
Production: Compagnia Scimone Sframeli


TICKETS on € 20,00 (under 26 and over 65: € 10,00)


MORE INFO – A review in Italian

Fondazione Taormina Arte – T. +39 391 7462 146 –



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