Les Italien de l’Opera de Paris

Ancient Theatre, Saturday 22nd August 2020 @ 9.00 pm


At the Ballet National de l’Opéra de Paris (the first ballet school in history established by Louis 14th in 1661 in Paris) only a small percentage of the company can be foreign. This percentage is currently dominated by the presence of Italian dancers.
On an initiative of the principal dancer, the Italian Alessio Carbone, Les Italiens de l’Opéra de Paris celebrates the success and achievement of 11 dancers who have managed to enter one of the most prestigious and competitive ballet school in the world. They are: Valentine Colasante, Letizia Galloni, Sofia Rosolini, Ambre Chiarcosso, Simone Velastro, Antonio Conforti, Francesco Vantaggio, Francesco Mura, Andrea Sarri and Giorgio Fourès.




COMUNICATO STAMPA in italiano – Italian Press Release

COMUNICATO STAMPA in italiano – Italian Press Release > Andrea Sarri


Andrea Sarri


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