Giro_storicaXXIV Giro di Sicilia – XXXIV La Sicilia dei Florio

13th Tour of Sicily – 34th Florio’s Sicily

Taormina town centre, June 6th 2014

The racing starts from Palermo on June 4th 2014 and will end on June 8th.
The second leg will end in TAORMINA on Friday 6. Cars will stop in the Piazza Duomo square from 5.00pm on.

“…dear friends! You know my intention about the future of Targa Florio…Well, I decide to make it run across our Island. Today, it was born the new Targa Florio which will call Giro di Sicilia…….”
  – Vincenzo Florio, September 1911

“Giro di Sicilia” was organized by V.zo Florio in 1912 as 7th Targa Florio which was held on the Madonie Great Circuit. In the last century eighteen editions have been held. The rally is still rememberd as one of Italy and both World’s  most important races on the road.
The Route, choosen among the winding and impervious roads of the Island, sometimes including also the Madonie little circuit, never exceeded a total lenght of 1080km ( about 671 miles).
The event reached its maximum popolarity after 1948, when in its “Gold Book” entered the most important racers’ name such as Biondetti, Marzotto, Villoresi, Taruffi, Collins, Gendebien.
De Portago’s tragic accident during “Mille Miglia” in 1957, led as consequences the soppression of Giro di Sicilia together with the other races on the road.
In 1979 Veteran Car Club Panormus, created the first great event named “la Sicilia dei Florio” destined to appeal the lovers both with an agreement more and more increasing. In 1989 it was joined with Gioro di Sicilia – Targa Florio, in a unique great event.

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