8 Tour Estate 2019


Subsonica is an Italian rock band that was formed in 1996 in Turin. Their eponymous debut album was released in the spring of 1997. The band gained significant success in 2000 by playing the Sanremo Music Festival. The first two singles from the album Microchip emozionale, “Tutti i miei sbagli” (“All my mistakes”) and “Discolabirinto” (“Discolabyrinth”) were hits.

In their career, they have produced 8 studio albums and sold nearly around 400,000 CDs. Their latest studio album, 8, was released in 2018.

Current members:

Samuel Umberto Romano (1972) – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Massimiliano “C. Max” Casacci (1963) – Guitars, backing vocals
Davide “Boosta” Dileo (1974) – Keyboards, piano, programming, backing vocals
Enrico “Ninja” Matta (1971) – Drums, percussions, programming
Luca “Bass Vicio” Vicini (1971) – Bass, guitar



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