Ancient Theatre, Thursday 11 July 2019 @ 9.30pm


The year 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of perennial classic-rock favorite, America.

Founding members, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell (along with former band mate Dan Peek) met in high school in London in the late 1960s and quickly harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of their signature song “A Horse With No Name”. America soon became a household name and their best-known tunes, which also include “I Need You,” “Ventura Highway,” “Don’t Cross The River,” “Tin Man,” “Lonely People,” and “Sister Golden Hair” were cornerstones of 1970s Top 40 and FM rock radio. Fifty years later, these friends are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.


TICKETS on and
Stalls (Parterre): € 69,00
Gallery (central): € 54,00
Upper circle (numbered seats): € 42,00
Upper circle (non-numbered seats): € 30,00


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