Taormina, previous Church of Carmine

December 21 2011 – January 6 2012

CioccolArt Sicily, an exhibition entirely dedicated to chocolate.

Inspired, creative confectioners from all over Italy will realise amazing chocolate compositions.





Culinary demonstrationsHeld by well-known chef and confectioners

Chocolate… salty or sweet?

Chocolate and its infinite interpretations, from appetizers to desserts: sweet & savory recipes.

Pralines and Christmas sweets

Creative ideas for making pralines and Christmas sweets.

The charm of plastic chocolate

Plastic chocolate allows to build amazing, scenographic cakes.



“Ciocco… colata” can be, maybe, translated as “Pouring chocolate”

The new art of serving chocolate

Experience the chocolate tasting

A tasting tour: taste and identify the different types of chocolate

Wine and chocolate

Dark chocolate and dessert wines


Live Workshops for children

Small Pies chocolaty

Filled chocolates and delicious bon-bon made ​​by children.

Journey into the world of cocoa with Bon Bon Ciocorilla

Funny video presentation on the world of cocoa


and much more…

Conferences and workshops on cocoa

Pastry courses and pastry tasting



Full program will be soon available.


For more info (in Italian): www.cioccolart.it