Sax Quartet

“Il Potere della Gentilezza” in jazz

Gianrico Carofiglio

Ancient Theatre, Thursday 8 August 2024  @ 9.00pm


Gianrico Carofiglio is an Italian novelist and former anti-Mafia judge in the city of Bari. His debut novel, Involuntary Witness, published in 2002 has been adapted as the basis for a popular television series in Italy.

The show “Il Potere della Gentilezza” (“The power of kindness”), is a ,monologue on the importance and need to practice kindness, the power of doubt, the ability to ask good questions.



Stalls (Platea): € 55,00
Gallery: € 49,50
Cavea (Upper Circle): € 44,00
Cavea (Upper Circle, non-numbered seats): 27,00




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