Eleonora Abbagnato and the stars of the Paris Opera House

August 22th 2013

Greek Theatre, 9.30pm

One of the most loved dancers in the world will perform in Taormina with the Paris Opera House that this year celebrates its 300 years of life.
On stage some of the most famous choreography that made Eleonora Abbagnato so great. Eleonora Abbagnato (born 1978) will dance with Nicolas Le Riche, Claire Marie Osta, Benjamin Peche, Amandine Albisson-Pivat, Héloïse Bourdon, Alexandre Gasse, Aurélien Houette, Allister Madin, Alice Renavand.

Tickets on boxol.it
Ticket Office in Taormina: +39 0942.628730

Stalls (Parterre): € 65,00
Gallery: € 55,00
Upper circle (numbered seats): € 45,00 – Under 18/Over 65: € 33,00
Upper circle (non-numbered seats): € 33,00 – Under 18/Over 65: € 22,00