Jimmy Sax

and the Symphonic Dance Orchestra

Taormina Ancient Theatre, Friday 26th July 2024 @ 9.30pm


Jim Rolland known as “Jimmy Sax” is an incredible saxophonist, multi-intrumentist, composer and entertainer more oriented towards electronic music.

A true performer, he has played worldwide, from New York to Saint Tropez, Miami, Cannes, Dubai, Paris, Monaco, Toronto, Capri, New Delhi, Cancun, Rome, Berlin, Saint Barth (where he lives) and many others.

His track record of 1,500 shows, 1 million followers, 300 Million views and 2 golden discs has turned him into a unique figure in the world of saxophone and electronic music.

(Source: www.selmer.fr/en/blogs/artistes/jimmy-sax)


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Stalls (Platea): € 110,00
Gallery: € 95,00
Cavea (Upper Circle): € 75,00
Cavea (Upper Circle, non-numbered seats): 40,00



www.instagram.com/jimmysax – www.facebook.com/JimmySaxJimRolland –


Jimmy Sax live at Taormina on August 2022




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