a dance show with Eleonora Abbagnato

Ancient Theatre, Wednesday 26th July 2023 @ 9.30pm


Production – Daniele Cipriani Entertainment
Music – Marcos Madrigal, Alessandro Stella
Choreography – Sasha Riva, Simone Repele, Giovanni Di Palma
Protagonist – Eleonora Abbagnato

With Simone Agrò, Rebecca Bianchi, Giacomo Castellana, Gabriele Consolo, Bryan Ramirez, Simone Repele, Sasha Riva, Mattia Tortora

and the young Julia Balzaretti


This show in which music and dance come together to paint a new and unusual portrait of the most famous Veronese of all time is dedicated to the little great woman immortalized by William Shakespeare, and after him by countless artists. To embody it, Eleonora Abbagnato, former étoile of the Paris Opéra and director of the Ballet Company of the Rome Opera House, will be at the same time an ethereal and sensual woman, impalpable and strong-willed, with timeless charm.


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Stalls (Parterre): € 100,00
Gallery: € 80,00
Cavea (non-numbered seats): 40,00



Fondazione Taormina Arte > – – 391 746 2146




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